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(Another) Open letter to Miley Cyrus | Johanna Sartori

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(Another) Open letter to Miley Cyrus | Johanna Sartori.

As written for the Huff Post – now excuse me, must dash off a line to Lilly Allen……..


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Shame on you Asda

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Wow, that was a busy night on twitter – but a successful one as Asda and Tesco have now withdrawn their “mental patient” Halloween costumes. In this morning’s autumn sunshine the nation is left scratching it’s head and wondering, how the people working for these corporations, ever thought this was a good idea? View the pictures →

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Letter to Abercrombie and Fitch – no reply as yet.

My daughter bought a Hollister T shirt yesterday, in your White City Westfield store. Slipped into the bag was a card promoting money off Gilly Hicks underwear and swimwear.  Specifically this promotion aimed at the “Gilly Hicks girl” was giving a discount on, “push ’em up bras”. My daughter was out shopping as a treat for her 12th birthday. She was dressed like a 12 year old, was wearing no make up and was with a group of 12 year old friends. Continue reading

Botox as a cure for depression?


Woman getting botox

Woman getting botox

Let’s face it, Botox won’t make us happier by Psychologist Jay Watts in the Guardian (11/3/13) was an excellent response to a recent and disturbing trend in academic thinking, namely that if you can’t show it, you don’t feel it. View the pictures →

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