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Are We All Just Wired for Anxiety?

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Testing your anxious belief, might reduce it’s power, but as Wordgarden has noted, it will not reduce the tendency towards anxiety in the individual. What interests me as a psychotherapist is why some individuals are better able to cope with anxiety (to self soothe) than others, and what the individual gets from being anxious. It may sound like an odd question to which the immediate answer is stress, but if all their energy is poured into an anxiety, what are they avoiding looking at? Does their anxiety solicit care from others? What is the focus of their anxiety, does it suggest referential or even delusional thinking? Yes we might all be hard-wired for anxiety, but beyond that statement we should relate to each anxious person individually.
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Author: Johanna Sartori BA MBACP Accred.

Finding my way through life, and travelling with those on the same journey

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